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Lekker produces organic, vegan, GMO free, 0-THC CBD to treat pain, inflammation, and more.
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I purchased the Lekker stuff chocolates as well as the drops and even in just the first 3 days of using them I can already notice the difference in my sleep and my overall well-being! I’ve been having much deeper and fuller sleeps as well as waking up feeling more rejuvenated than before ! I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their quality of sleep and life to try out these great products.

Glen, HK

I have used the LEKKER STUFF CBD oil to assist with my current inflammation, aches, pain and swelling. I am so pleased to have tried it. After only one dose, the effect was amazing. I felt calm, relaxed and this had a direct effect on my level of pain and discomfort. I had tried different products and was eventually using what I thought was a high end CBD product in Cape Town and I must say this is way better and the best I’ve tried. I can’t wait to have a regular supply here in Hong Kong as well as be able to buy those delicious CBD chocolates. 

Kizzy, SA

I tried and loved the CBD oils and the CBD chocolates! It tasted great and helped get rid of the pain in my upper back + shoulders, and just generally helped me relax.

Ronaq, HK

My dogs are very much “type a” and one suffers from anxiety. Our dogs love the CBD oil and are noticibly calmer after using it.

Mary, HK

Lekker Stuff chocolates transformed both my sleep schedule and my sweet tooth! The perfect bite for anxiety release and sleep and to satisfy your cravings all in one

Simi Moh, HK

I've taken CBD in many forms before with the hope that it could do something for my insomnia and anxiety and have always been left feeling underwhelmed .... but since trying Lekker Stuff's CBD oil thats completely changed! Can't believe how potent this stuff is. I now definitely feel my anxiety is much more manageable and I sleep like a baby!

John T, HK

The CBD oil from Lekker Stuff immediately became my favourite night time remedy that helps me fall asleep with just a few drops! Super easy and safe to use, and a great buddy to have during such stressful times.

Jodie, HK

The Lekker Stuff chocolates don’t only taste amazing but also help me calm down and unwind before bed for the perfect nights sleep!

Lavisha, HK

From their oils to their chocolates, all of Lekker's products give you exactly what you’re looking for. I throughly enjoyed the chocolate as it was not overly bearing with sweetness, with just the right balance of infused CBD. It definitely had enough to make me feel at ease after consumption. The oil is multipurpose, having used it under the tongue for relaxation and direct application to body for muscle soreness. In both cases, I found the oil to be quite effective.

Pranav, HK