Lekker's CBD Rescue Mask

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Lekker Stuff's CBD Rescue Mask

Balance, soothe and nourish with this luxurious face mask. Infused with CBD, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to help rejuvenate skin, fight free radical damage and soothe inflamed skin.

Mineral-rich kaolin clay helps to lightly exfoliate the skin, extract impurities and help balance the skin’s own sebum levels. Sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, coffee bean oil, baobab oil and Vitamin E are renowned for their nutrient and antioxidant content to help balance the skin’s own sebum levels, enhance balanced moisture levels. A hint of peppermint gives a cool and invigorating effect to the skin and olfactory senses whilst it helps increase circulation, bringing nutrients to skin and aiding in the elimination of toxins.

The mask contains:

  • Kaolin Clay
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Coffee Bean Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • CBD Isolate
  • Emulsifiers, Solubilizers and Thickener – naturally derived.


Perform a patch test to ensure skin compatibility. If no reaction occurs after 24 hours, proceed.

Use provided spatula and scoop out a marble sized amount and place it on your fingertips. Lightly smooth the mask between fingertips until the texture is fluid. Apply to face in small circular motions, taking care to not let the product directly near the eyes. Gently continue massaging the skin for 3-5 minutes.

Apply 1-2 times a week and leave on for 30 minutes, if there is residue from the mask rinse off with warm water, alternatively let it completely absorb into the skin. Continue with usual skin care regime. If skin is usually prone to oiliness, use the product daily as directed. External use only, not for oral consumption.


600MG CBD/50ml


For more effective results, use with Lekker's CBD Hand & Body Mousse 

This product is hand made in South Africa.